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Google “Leaks” are finally about to get true..

Hey guys are it had been so long since I have posted and today I am here with a new information.

Google has finally mentioned its new lineup in the budget segment. Yes guys Google had mentioned its new line up “Google Pixel 3a” also known as “Google Pixel 3 Lite”.

Here guys google are providing the google experience to budget users like never before. And I am not yet sure regarding the spec of the phone, but according to the leaks there are two variant one of them is “Google Pixel 3a” and “Google Pixel 3a XL” with both of them having 4GB RAM and 64GB on board storage with 8MP camera module in the front and 12MP camera module in the rear. The department where the both of them differ is in terms of screen, battery and then the processor used.

Google Pixel 3a comes with 5.6 inch OLED screen and 3000 mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor. While Google Pixel 3a XL with 6 inch OLED screen and 3,400 mAh battery and either featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 / 730 processor.

Some Leaks regarding the price are also out and this Pixel phone is estimated to be in and around $300. For the price it does is definitely a deal breaker and for the price you pay you do get a premium smartphone with google latest Android Pie out of the box , great cameras, Google Pixel Experience and regular & fast OTA updates.

I am too excited about the release of this great smartphone as you guys are right now. If Google could bring it in a competitive price segment then sure it might become a deal breaker as I mentioned above.


I am Ganesh Swaminathan and I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering. My passions are Photography, Knowing Mobile Technologies. And my hobbies are Singing and Painting. I would like to blog on the interesting themes I come across.

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